Where to start

So, you want to create a new website? Where do you start? There are many routes that can be followed to decide who is going to create your new website. If you want a simple personal blog, go for WordPress, Wix or similar. If you run a business, you need as many competitive edges that you can create. That starts with having a website that outperforms the competition. It needs to generate traffic, awareness and sales leads. Your website needs to perform! To do that it needs to gets the message across, is easy and logical to use, and encourages users to pick up the phone, fill out the contact form or hit the 'buy now' button.

To outperform your competitors, you need page load speed. If you do not believe us, you will after you have read this!

Looks can be deceptive

Imagine you have a Ferrari Testarossa, that really looks the part and promises everything your heart desires. If that car has a 4 cylinder 85bhp engine under the hood, then you are not going beat anyone away from the lights! It is the same with website design. There are many fantastic web designs out there that run on a sub standard engine. We make sure that the V12 500bhp engine is installed on your website, and finely tuned!

Go for a test drive

You can take any digital design agency or web site creator for a test drive, without a salesman sitting next to you. You can test their own 'house' website and the sites they have created for their clients. Go to GTmetrix.com or run a Chrome Lighthouse Audit. Look for Page Speed (and all the other measures). If it is above 95%, then you know that some one behind the scenes is creating fast loading pages. Also check for Accessibility, SEO and PWA (Progressive Web App). If it does not score well, move on. If scores from your proposed web creator's site are consistently below par, it means that they are not paying any attention to page load speed. If their clients sites also perform badly, then guess what? So will yours. Your shiny new website is going to be sub standard too.

Take us for a test drive

Carry out the same tests on this website and our clients websites. When you see the results, give us a call!