Page load speed affects your search results position

You will suffer in the rankings if your pages takes too long to load. Google uses a Page Load Speed score when calculating search results. This score isn't affected by content, it's all about performance!

From a user viewpoint, page speed is also very important. Users are more likely to move on if a website is slow.

Our coding and delivery methods ensure that we are have the fastest load speeds possible.

Progressive web apps (PWA)

A PWA uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience. A website which has PWA capabilities will rank higher than one without.

Site access today on mobile devices represent 70% of web traffic. So websites that behave more like Apps on smart devices will rank higher. All websites that we build have this functionality built in.

Another major advantage that many do not know about is, how a PWA will give a user the choice to add a link on the screen of their mobile device, so your website is accessible just like any other app that they have on their device.

Content development

One of the hardest jobs to do when launching a website is writing the content. We make the job easier by working with you to create great content. From editing existing work to new content creation, we have many years experience that will make the job much easier.